Tuesday, January 16, 2007

7 things i learned during labour

7. You get nauseated during labour (and sometimes even without warning) - my poor midwife and husband got to handle the messy clean-up job.

6. There's a lot of waiting around during labour - being stuck at 4 centimetres dilated for over 10 hours is an awful long time to be awake, especially if you've already been awake for 12 hours prior to going to the hospital.

5. Anything to avoid an episiotomy - I seriously considered a c-section over an episiotomy and forceps at one point (but in the end, I needed a c-section anyways).

4. Pushing is really hard - I always thought that the pushing part was easy, but I never knew that there's a good (meaning "effective") way to push and a bad way. Unless you're pushing effectively, it won't do anything, and it's so much harder when your meds make it difficult to tell the good pushes from the bad.

3. The operating room is a very scary place - I felt like I was on an episode of House, with big, round, bright lights shining down on me and tons of doctors and nurses all around me.

2. If you have a c-section, pray for a good doctor - I was lucky and my doctor was the only one on staff at the hospital that still closed the wound with sutures over staples, and the line is barely noticeable.

1. Anesthesiologists make mistakes - after 4 painful attempts at inserting the epidural, my anesthesiologist finally got what he was being paid to do (relieve pain!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Flora
I just heard the news - many many congrats! That scar will disappear in no time, especially with a little bit of a tan. Congrats on a beautiful baby with a gorgeous head of hair.


gregor said...

Oh boy am I ever glad I'm a boy!