Friday, January 19, 2007

learnings from week 1

Here are some photos from Kayla's first week:

Now that the easy part (the delivery) is over, the harder, but more fulfilling part follows. As new parents, there was lots to do and the learning curve was steep.

1. Breastfeeding does NOT come naturally - for mom or for baby. It's actually a learned skill, for both of us. Not only did I need to learn how to position the baby and position myself for breastfeeding, but I also needed to teach my baby how to latch-on properly and how to suck in a manner that does not cause me to cringe each time she eats. Fingerfeeding was the most interesting approach to teaching Kayla the right "sucking" experience. This involves using your finger and a small tube inserted into the baby's mouth to induce the proper sucking action. It was great because it required the help of my husband and helped him get more involved in the feeding experience.

2. Babies go through a lot of diapers! We've used up over 70 diapers in one week. That's over 10 changes per day! Add on the numerous clothing changes due to spit up, accidents while changing and you'll understand why babies spend about the same amount of time on the change table as they do in their crib.

3. Having a bassinet in the bedroom is the most wonderful idea. I can't imagine having to get up and trek over to another room to fetch the baby every time she needs to be fed or changed. Especially after a c-section, where your mobility is restricted, having a bassinet in the room is a godsend. It certainly won't be a permanent situation - after all we didn't put together a baby room for nothing, but it has certainly been a good idea this first week.

4. Sterilize everything! Between sterilizing pumps and bottles and everything in between, the Avent steam sterilizer is the best thing we've purchased so far. It's amazing the number of times we use it in a day.

This first week has been an interesting and eventful experience. We can't imagine our life without Kayla. It's amazing how quickly the week has gone. Each day brings a new experience and a new learning.

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