Thursday, January 04, 2007

only 1 cm!

Today's the day... or at least it's supposed to be. Unfortunately for me, nothings happening... not a single contraction, leak or ounce of pain yet!

My midwife announced that I was 1 cm dilated. What does that mean? I'm 7 cm from active labour and 4-5cms away from any action! Hum... how big is 1 cm really? Well, it's smaller than a dime, so a baby is certainly not going to fit through there!

So, I'm still walking diligently, doing my squats, hiking up and down the stairs... seems like my daily routine now. I'm sure every woman who's late feels like their baby will never come, and I know in my head it will eventually happen, but when it does, my fear is it will be really big! They say that late babies tend to put on extra weight... oh, gosh!

Any advice is gladly welcomed!


christine said...

have some big sex. and JalapeƱos. at the same time!!! That oughta work.

ena said...

ha ha. don't worry. my mom was 2 weeks late and she survived!! i was 7lb 3oz and you KNOW how tiny my mom was! keep up with the spicy food and X.

karen said...

it'll happen soon enough... i heard that pineapple is supposed to help... pineapple, Jalapenos and some lovin' should be a lethal combination :P