Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the art and science of shopping with a newborn

The *warm* weather today has jolted Kayla and I out of hibernation. Although I'm still not ready to trek out in the snow for a stroll around my neighbourhood, I decided to take my baby girl to every girls' favourite place - the shopping mall!

This first experience (although only lasting about an hour) by myself with the stroller has taught me a few things:

1. Don't bring the snowsuit - trapped inside a snowsuit in a climate controlled environment makes baby very hot, very quickly (reading between the lines... this means cranky and uncomfortable). A stroller blanket and the bundleme would have sufficed.

2. Do bring the sling - once baby wakes up from her nap, she doesn't always sit happily in the stroller.

3. Don't forget a toy - a little entertainment doesn't hurt when she gets bored of staring at the mall lights.

Overall, not a bad trip out the first time, but I'll be better prepared next time.

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