Sunday, February 25, 2007

bathing baby

I've read in baby books and online parenting sites that many parents use bath time as part of a bedtime routine - relaxing baby before going to bed. Although Kayla is still too young to have a consistent bedtime routine, I can't imagine adding a bath as part of it. Kayla hates to be bathed (a phase we hope she outgrows).

This afternoon, we (it's a two person job) gave her a bath and what did she do? She pooed in her bath! That was a shock that sent Roland and I into hysterics. Has this ever happened to you? Well, this meant that we had to start all over again; prolonging the torture for both Kayla and her parents! Trust me, it was torture!

Perhaps Kayla's attitude towards baths will change as she gets older. Other moms have told me this. I guess it's the same as being naked. Babies love it apparently, however, they must have to be older to appreciate this. Again, Kayla hates the cold (me too)!

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Beaches said...

Clearly I'm no expert here - as I have no babies of my own - but a very close friend of mine has a two-year-old and is working on baby number two.

This post reminded me of an absolutely hilarious post of hers, over at Martinis to Milk. Check it out:

Also, I think you might enjoy her blog in general. It's a biting and honest commentary on pregnancy and being a new mom. A little different from most of the Mommy blogs out there, but brilliant and original. Enjoy!

ps - she also writes for