Monday, February 12, 2007

the big weekend

It's Chinese custom for mom and baby to remain at home for the first month after delivery. I'm not a big follower of traditions, however, I did try to stay at home for the whole month (minus mandatory doctor's appointments and one little Super Bowl Party). Now you might think that it would be difficult to remain indoors for an entire month, but with recovery from a c-section and the freezing temperatures and snowy road conditions combined, it wasn't too difficult.

By now, however, I am a little stir crazy so when we got the chance to eat out at a restaurant this weekend with some friends, I was all over that!

Here's a photo of Kayla and I all dressed up for our big weekend. Boy, do I need a haircut!

BTW - we finally got the nerve to cut Kayla's fingernails this weekend.
A little tip: do it when she's sleeping, her fingers are more relaxed and there's less squirming!

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sugar mama said...

Both mom and baby look beautiful - motherhood is agreeing with you! Hope you enjoyed your big night out, before the winter blast hit today!