Saturday, February 10, 2007

the first month

I've been recently obsessed with learning about how my baby is developing so I've been scouring the Internet for answers. Perhaps I'm like all new moms, wanting some validation that what I'm doing is right for my child.

To my relief, at four weeks old, Kayla is right on track. I'm still eagerly waiting her first uttering - a little "goo" or "gaa" would really make my day! However, she can now lift her head off my shoulder, turn in the direction of my voice, and follow objects with her eyes. It's amazing to see these developments every day.

I've found Baby Centre very helpful (and Canadian). It allows you to personalize the web site so you get information about your baby's development upfront.

Next on my list, learning these lullabies to "sing" to her:

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