Sunday, February 18, 2007

happy lunar new year!

We've had lots of celebrating and eating over these past couple of days because it's Chinese new year. Kayla has enjoyed visiting relatives and being the centre of attention. In keeping with the spirit, I recently looked up Kayla's astrology, both Chinese and Western zodiac.

Born a Capricorn, astrology predicts that Kayla will be a serious child - determined, disciplined, and highly organized (sounds more like her father to me)!

According to the lunar calendar, Kayla was born in the year of the dog, so she will be loyal, unselfish, and idealistic. All good traits.

It's early to see what her personality is like, but if I was to base it on perceptions so far, both seem like a fair description. She is a very demanding eater - she's a woman who knows what she wants!

We've also given her a Chinese name: Lai Kae (loosely translated means "pretty" or "beautiful").

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