Monday, February 05, 2007

learnings from week 3

Lots of milestones this week - Kayla attended her first party (a Super Bowl Party nonetheless) and we've graduated to size 1 diapers!

1. Babies don't always eat then sleep - These days Kayla is staying up longer and more often than in her first 2 weeks. She's very alert and likes to be held and walked around. This surprised me because I thought newborns went to bed promptly after they ate. I began asking my mom-friends, and apparently this is quite common. It just means my baby girl is growing up - oh so soon!

2. Burping sucks - but it's oh so necessary. It takes forever to burp a baby but if you don't you end up paying for it later with endless complaints of gas build-up.

3. Baby wearing is convenient!
I had purchased a Little Star Sling at the Baby and Toddler Show in the Fall and recently pulled it out to try. Since Kayla is staying awake so often I'm finding it difficult to get things done because the bouncer and swing only keep her entertained for short spans of time. Using the sling allows me to carry her and have my hand free at the same time. Ingenious!

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sugar mama said...

I'm glad the sling is working out for you. I hope that Kayla enjoyed her first party! She is already looking a lot like her mom!