Thursday, March 22, 2007


Daddy snapped this pic during Sunday college basketball (go figure!) I'm wondering when it's all going to start... the need to watch TV.

I read an article that the American Academy of Pediatrics says no TV for children under 2. Since their brains are still developing at this age, it's not a good idea to introduce this addictive stimuli.

Humm... I'm going to have a chat with hubby... (but doesn't she look so happy with the remote control?)


sugar mama said...

This seems to be one of the touchiest topics! You might be interested in this book, "The Elephant in the Living Room" --'elephant+in+the+living+room'

Good luck!

New Mama said...

I read the summary online and it sounds very interesting. I might have to pick that up next time I'm at Chapters! Thanks C.