Thursday, March 15, 2007

body language

My mommy friends and I have recently formed our own little mommy group - just rotating houses for lunch and chatter. This afternoon, I hosted and one of the the conversations we had was about our bodies sans baby.

It got me thinking about what happens to us and our bodies is far from what "they" (the experts) say in the pregnancy books. We, the real-life moms, however, had similar exclamations. Here's the breakdown of this little known body language:

  1. That dark line through your middle doesn't go away right away. I had been wondering how long I was going to live with that mask of pregnancy dividing my abdomen in half. My line is just as dark as the day it first appeared 10 months ago. To my surprise, my girlfriends, who's babes are 6 and 9 months old, still have those lines. Apparently it takes almost a year (maybe more perhaps) to fade away. I don't remember reading about that...
  2. Your belly button is just not the same. It's a cave. It's darker and cavernous! After being stretched and pulled out of proportion, I'm not sure it will ever be the same again. From what my mom-friends say, it's still that way for them too!
  3. Weight loss and body shape are not the same. Losing the pregnancy weight gain may be easier than getting our body back into pre-pregnancy form. After all that baby growth and stretching our bellies are just well.. honestly... flabby. There's no way around it apparently.
  4. My wedding ring is still tight. I gained a lot of water in my hands and feet (my shoe size went up one size during my last trimester). Even now, it's a tight fit getting my wedding and engagement rings on. I hope this has to change... I don't want to get them re-sized.

But for all these changes, our bodies tell a beautiful story. Our bodies holds life, gives life, and nurtures life. It's the body language of maternal love.

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sugar mama said...

I just watched a program on post-natal fitness today - this woman has a 6 month old and a six-pack! Apparently one of those exercise balls is an inexpensive and really effective thing to have for doing 2-3 different exercises. She said the sooner you start working on your abs the better. Of course I can't vouch for her yet but it was impressive (or depressing... not sure which!!)