Monday, March 26, 2007

the good days

Today is a good day.

As a new mama, there are bad days, but I prefer to reflect on the good days. Today is one of them. Kayla woke up at around 7:30 am this morning, but was happily cooing to herself and admiring her mobile for a whole half hour all by herself. I could see her in our video monitor playing by herself which allowed me to get an extra half hour of sleep.

At around 9:30 am she went down for a nap without a fight. Now this may not seem like a big deal to you, but it's miraculous for me because Kayla doesn't nap very well. It usually takes a lot of work and time to get her to take a nap. And if it wasn't for the alarmingly loud thunder crash at 10:30 this morning in our area (even scared the poor dog to death) I think she would have slept until her next meal at 11 am.

After that meal, we took an afternoon stroll through the mall which she slept through until 3 pm. After some tummy time and conversations with her friends (see photo), she's now back again taking one last nap before her bedtime.

So, overall, this was the most ideal day I could have wished for. Hopefully it will be capped off without any problems for bedtime and night-time feedings. Cross my fingers...

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norththreads said...

What a little darling! Thanks so much for popping by my blog!