Monday, April 23, 2007

the allergy hunt

Since discovering that Kayla has eczema, I've been trying all sorts of lotions and creams in addition to the frequent baths suggested by our paediatrician. We've had some success over the past month as the eczema has retreated in some areas, but there's still some stubborn spots that won't seem to go away.

As I do more research on the condition, I'm learning that eczema in babies is commonly associated with an allergy, mostly to dairy, passed through my breast milk. So for the past two weeks I've been on a non-dairy diet (no cheese, milk, butter, etc.). Her eczema seemed to get a little better (but not much), however, I realized yesterday that the formula we've been giving her in the evenings contains milk proteins as well.

So it's back to square one! For the next two weeks again it's no dairy, but also pump in the evening and give her the bottle before bed (I don't need her to forget how to drink from a bottle again after all that hard work getting her back on track!) After we've ruled out dairy, there's still wheat, eggs, seafood, soy and nuts! Goodness, I hope it's dairy, because this could get exhausting!

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