Friday, April 27, 2007

daddy's girl

This past weekend we went out to celebrate hubby's birthday. Our first time out to a non-Chinese restaurant (which are loud and crying babies are drowned out by the other noises) for dinner. Our first time out eating at 5 pm (to ensure that we're home for baby K's 7 pm bedtime).

It's probably the last time we try that again for a few months. When we got there she was great - all smiles, laughing, cooing. After appetizers, the fussiness set in. I guess she was bored or it was too dark in the restaurant, or something, but she cried a lot - loudly without stopping no matter what tricks, props or soothing we used. So what did we do... we quickly finished dinner and took her straight home and into bed. What else was there to do?

Lots of developments in these couple of weeks. Our babe is now an official thumb sucker. The pacifiers don't work - she hates them. Prefers her own little hands. She's also learning how to give kisses (goobers as we call them). Coming at you with mouth wide open for one of the wettest (and sweetest) kisses you'll ever receive. And today, she rolled over onto her side!

As for me, it's begun. The dreaded hair loss. I'm losing hair by the handfuls. I thought I was prepared for this because I was warned by friends and my stylist, but when I look down at the floor at all the hair, I'm shocked to realized it's all mine! For those that don't know... during pregnancy hair loss comes to almost a complete stand-still, but following birth, watch out! All that hair you were supposed to lose in 9 months hits you after delivery! I'm finally getting a hair cut this weekend! Yippee!

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