Wednesday, April 18, 2007

sleep like a baby

Now, that's an oxymoron if I ever heard of one! Today I read an article about The Sleep Doula. Like a birthing doula who supports and guides you through the birth and delivery of your baby, a sleep doula does the same for your baby's bedtime routine.

Hum... sounds like a dream! I may just have to consider the $150 price tag + $35/hour fee if I get desperate enough one day. After only once sleeping for 7 1/2 hours straight, baby K is back to her usual schedule: 2 wakings per night. I guess I shouldn't complain; I usually get 5-6 hours uninterrupted from her, which according to all the sleep books is average for her age, but that one brief moment a week ago gave me some hope. At least I know she can do it!

So every night, after story time and as she's getting bundled up for bed, I continue to whisper to her: "Good night little girl; see you in the morning" wishing each night it was true. One day... but until then... sleep tight.

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