Sunday, April 01, 2007

to soother or not to soother

That's the question of the week. Since Kayla has discovered how to suck on her hand, hubby and I have been discussing whether we'd let her continue or introduce her to a pacifier. As a thumb sucker myself when I was a kid, my mom told me it was very difficult to wean me off it. Basically I had to have my sucking arm in a sling (a result of a burn) to get me to stop.

So this week I went to purchase a couple of pacifiers and this weekend we've been trying to get her to use it properly (again another thing that should come naturally, since all babies have a natural sucking urge, but we must still show them how).

This afternoon she seemed to have a good go at it, and guess what we discovered... the soother works wonders for soothing baby in the bath! We've now discovered a new way to bathe our babe - with a soother in her mouth! No more screaming - just a few leg flays, but we could handle that! Happy days again...

1 comment: said...

I refused to give mine up for ages, then one day (according to my parents) I stood up while they were watching TV, walked over to the trash and threw it out.

Ever since they've claimed that I do things in my own time.