Saturday, April 21, 2007

unswaddle me

We've decided to brave it and will be teaching Kayla to sleep without a swaddle tonight. We figured she was old enough now and since discovering her hands, we're hoping that being able to find her fingers will help to soothe herself to sleep when she wakes at night.

I'm very nervous, however, because for the past 3 nights she's been waking only once per night. I'm very encouraged by this recent development and I partly think it's because she's getting older and partly because we've been giving her a bottle as her last feed of the night.

I'm nervous, however, that unswaddling her will undo this tremendous progress we've made. But we have to start somewhere; we cannot keep her swaddled her whole life. Besides, it's getting harder and harder to keep her in. She's very strong now and can miraculously sneak those little arms of hers out (even through the double swaddle we've resorted to this past month).

Wish us luck!

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