Thursday, May 03, 2007

allergy update and going green

I'm fairly certain now that baby K is allergic to dairy. I've been dairy-free for almost two weeks now and we've also stopped giving her formula in the evenings to test the assumption. Her eczema is almost completely gone and her rash has faded.

This test has made me more sensitive to how food is prepared and what ingredients go into various foods (espeically pre-packaged foods). Surprisingly dairy is in a lot of unexpected foods. It's not just milk, cheese and chocolate anymore, but sometimes even breads and many packaged foods. In an effort to find dairy-free baked goods, I've recently started shopping at organic food markets (and my grocery bill has almost doubled). But I was surprised to find the multitude of choice in dairy and gluten-free foods (like brown rice milk and rice cheese, which I stayed away from). I also pleasantly realized that most organic produce actually tastes better - sweeter fruits, fresher veggies, and longer shelf life.

My organic "adventure" has resulted in a few conclusions:

  1. Dairy-free baking can actually be tasty. I especially loved the "seeds & raisin" cookie (just like oatmeal cookies).
  2. Ice-cream made with hemp is NOT good. Why I even thought it would be is a wonder.
  3. Spelt is a good wheat replacement, but makes everything very dense!
  4. I HEART organic grapefruit. So sweet and juicy!

I was very pleased to discover a brand new organic market opened up in my neighbourhood - a great alternative to the over-hyped Whole Foods.

Starting Sunday, I'll be adding dairy back into my diet to confirm the allergy theory - finally REAL ice-cream. I cannot wait!

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