Thursday, May 17, 2007

cookie love

This is big! I've found the BEST dairy-free chocolate chip cookie ever made! I'm not joking... this is serious stuff.

Since discovering baby K's allergies, I've been on the hunt for tasty baked goods. Made by New Moon Kitchen (right here in Toronto), they are sooooo yummy! In addition to being dairy-free, the cookies are egg, gluten and nut-free too! I'm in heaven! Now if only I can find a tasty dairy-free ice-cream. I'm trying soy ice-cream today.

I'm happy to report that K's rash is completely gone now and her eczema is getting noticeably better. So at least the effort on my part is providing my babe much relief. She's much happier these days, too. Laughing and talking non-stop. I'm so in love!

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