Saturday, May 05, 2007


Okay, so I have to admit... baby girls are a lot of fun (although I'm a little biased). I love dressing my babe up. Maybe it's a girl thing and a result of playing with dolls as a child, but as the weather warms, it's hard to resist all the cute little dresses and smocks in the shops for little girls.

I have to say, I've moved my shopping addiction from clothes for myself - besides, I live in cotton tees these days because I'm covered in spit-up every few hours - to clothes for my little one.

Here's my babe looking ever so cute in her Mish Mish dress, baby legs and new matching hair bow!

Yes, I know... a little indulgent of me but I couldn't resist sharing... please forgive :)

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Beaches said...

baby legs. it's all about the baby legs. she looks delicious!