Tuesday, May 22, 2007

family ties

Recently I've been thinking about Kayla's inherited features. When she was born everyone said she looked like me. Of course babies change in appearance as they grow and develop. Recently, friends and family have been saying that she's taking after hubby more.

For sure, we know that Baby K's head full of jet black hair is from hubby. I came out pretty bald as a baby, whereas his baby photos show the same thick black hair. But these days I've been wondering about our babe's personality traits and not just her physical features.

For instance, Kayla is a pretty loud baby. Not just her cries, but her "talking" voice too. She doesn't really babble and coo like the development books and web sites say babies start to do at 3-4 months. Our little one is testing the sound of her voice through squeals and what I can only describe as "happy shrieks".

As my friends know, I can be pretty loud when I get excited or passionate about something. But Kayla's enthusiasm reminds me of her grandma (hubby's mom) whom she's named after. And for that, I'm glad because it's like a tribute and remembrance to her because that was one of the traits about her that really stood out when I first met her.

I'm also beginning to think that Baby K's love of sleeping swaddled comes from me (she still won't give it up even at 4 months old - I think we'll need a bed sheet soon to swaddle her as she's getting way too big for receiving blankets). I love sleeping with the blankets tucked all around me, especially around my feet - kind of like a sleeping bag. And of course, her love of music must come from hubby, because for sure I'm tone deaf and can't follow any rhythm.

It's nice to reflect on the family ties... the physical features can be pretty apparent but the behavioural ones are more subtle, hence, much more beautiful.

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