Saturday, May 26, 2007

first family outing

Yesterday hubby took a day off work and we had our first family day at Niagara Falls - it's a nice short drive from our house - perfect for testing out how Kayla will do out and about for a whole day. Beautiful day... beautiful time!

Kayla really enjoyed the sights and sounds of Clifton Hills - the wax museum capital of the world. And we enjoyed watching her take it all in. Hubby and I also got a good workout trekking up and down the "hill" with stroller and baby in tow. By the time we reached the Falls, the cooling mist was well received!

We also took Baby K out of the country for the first time. Across the border for an afternoon of outlet shopping. As we were driving home, we realized how much our lifestyle has changed. Everything we ended up buying was for our little one! In the past, we would have come home with new clothes, new shoes and bags - more than we needed. This time around, we came home with nothing for ourselves and everything for our babe! How things have changed indeed!

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