Friday, May 11, 2007

four months

My babe is four months old today. Time does go by very quickly.

I had her passport photo taken today. She was very good throughout the whole ordeal. And I have to say, taking a passport photo at her age was VERY difficult, especially since no part of me could be in the shot even though I had to support her on my knee. It's a good thing she can hold her head up now. But the lady at Black's taking the photo couldn't seem to get her flash working - so despite Kayla's good behaviour, we ended up having to take the photo MANY times before we had a usable picture.

Some other things I learned by four months:

  1. Don't talk to strangers - Kayla gets very upset in large crowds full of strangers. I guess some babies are very social, others, like my babe, gets very anxious (i.e. screams at the top of her lungs) when she's surrounded by people she doesn't recognize.
  2. Be patient, sleep will come - by now, Kayla is pretty easy to put down for both naps and bed time, but I'm still waiting for that "sleeping through the night" thing to kick in. I'm still up at least once per night with her.
  3. More playtime - Kayla has recently really started to enjoy playtime. She's holding some of her toys on her own now, putting things (other than her fingers) into her mouth, and able to amuse herself, even play by herself, for longer stretches of time.

I'm really enjoying motherhood right now. My babe delights me everyday with her developments and smiles. It's so special to be celebrating my very first Mother's Day this weekend! I'm so excited!

Wishing all mothers out there a Happy Mama's Day!

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