Wednesday, May 09, 2007

shopping day!

Today was our first real shopping day! Not just a mall, but hitting the outdoor shops and cafes at Queen West with Baby K's little cousin and auntie.

Here we are taking it easy in a cute little tea shop (where they serve strawberry popcorn tea, which actually had pieces of popcorn in it!) on Queen:

And I was so proud of my little girl. She was having a blast (lots of winning smiles throughout the day) and was so well behaved! She didn't even protest as I covered her ears (many times) as fire trucks and ambulances came screeching down the street. I was actually surprised how many there were today. I guess you never really notice them until you have a baby and the loud sirens are way too loud for their sensitive ears!

It was so nice to be outdoors. Definitely something I need to do more of as spring rolls into summer days. Now is the best time to be a mommy and on maternity leave - when you can take a day and leisurely sit in a cafe, stroll down the street and browse through the shop windows, all the while basking in the warm rays. I love spring!

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