Wednesday, May 02, 2007

spring flowers and strolls

I love craft projects as much as I love knitting - so when I can combine the two - what a sweet thing!

Since spring has FINALLY arrived, I knitted a few spring flowers to adorn hair clips for my sweet baby's head full of jet black hair. The outcome was so adorable I decided to craft a few more for my baby girl's girlfriends (who are all celebrating birthdays this month).

Thinking that these lovely clips might make it to my online shop this summer. Working on the idea. More on that later.

And in terms of spring projects. I'm still working on the spring knit v-neck cardigan I started about a month or so ago (yes, I get distracted easily... always more than one project on my mind!) Just as I was about to finish the last sleeve, turns out I'm out of the lovely purple yarn - just 6 rows short! So it's off to the yarn store before I can pick up this project again.

Here it is in mid-completion. I'm loving the way the frills are forming at the edges.

In the meantime, here's a shot of Kayla and her boyfriend Brandon out for a springtime stroll... she's very shy, hiding under her bib, and he's fascinated with the new shades his mama got him!

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