Tuesday, June 12, 2007

am I a believer?

Well... this morning came and the little lady awoke at 6:30 am but in very good spirits, cooing in her crib and playing with her hands. I went to get her at 6:45, nursed her in bed (for that extra 15 minutes of shut eye) and then we played in bed while daddy got ready for work.

I was apprehensive about how her naps would work out, but again, my little babe surprised me. Morning nap was great - she went down without any trouble. Now she's having an afternoon nap, giving me time to reflect on morning events and catch up on my blogging.

So overall, our sleep trial was a success. I guess I should wait until we're firmly settled in this new routine before I can be a true believer.

Oh, and she's back on the bottle once per day at bedtime starting yesterday as well. We're trying out the soy formula because of her allergies. Amazingly she took to the bottle without any trouble after over a month had passed since her last one. I was expecting a fight, but again she surprised me! My girl is so unpredictable!

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