Friday, June 08, 2007

baby in the house

I've been wandering around in my house today - because that's what new mamas do when their baby just wants to be held - and I've been thinking. As I wander and look at each corner of my home, I realize how much has changed with a baby in this house.

Intermixed amongst our modern furniture, relics from our pre-baby life, there's a bouncer in the living room, a play mat in the office, a playpen in the kitchen, and toys on our bed. I reflect back to when I was pregnant and realize how funny all the time we've spent planning her nursery - choosing the right crib, selecting the perfect colours and accent pieces and decorating, just decorating. Now it's probably the room she spends the least amount of time in, especially in those early days when all she wanted was to be held and slung to sleep or slept with us.

Now her toys add splashes of colour against the muted tones of our home, but the brightness adds light and happiness. A baby in the house is a happy home.

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