Monday, June 25, 2007


Recently I've been exploring my options for my eventual return to work. With 7 more months of maternity leave there seems like plenty of time, but surprisingly, daycare waiting lists are long and some parents have already secured places as soon as their pregnancies were confirmed. I'm only starting now.

So I've placed my names on a few lists and this past week have been taking tours of some of the centres. It's been quite an eye-opening experience.

As I take a tour and I ask myself, can I see my babe in this place? I can't help but respond: NO. Not that the centres are bad places. They're not. The teachers are nice, caring and there's plenty of activities and smiles. But there's the little things, like the size of the classrooms (they seem so small), the openness of the sleeping areas (will my babe be able to fall asleep there), the food served (which I'm shocked beyond belief how un-nutritious some of the menus are). Then there's the guilt - fear that she'll be unhappy, that she'll miss us too much, that they won't know how to make her laugh or to comfort her.

All too heavy business for just 5 months into my maternity leave, so instead, today we spent a hot afternoon playing indoors, away from the sticky heat, and not thinking about what will come next year.

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sugar mama said...

Oh boy, I can relate to your concerns. I have been procrastinating thinking about this very thing... between daycare options, commuting concerns, cost,and what's going to be best for our family. So stressful!