Saturday, June 02, 2007


I was shocked and alarmed when I discovered this afternoon that I had a blocked milk duct in my right boob. Actually, I didn't know what it was until I searched the web (I think I've said this many times before, but what would a first-time modern mama do without the Internet!)

At first I thought it might be a mastitis but I didn't have any of the pain or fever that is generally associated with one. It just felt like a really hard, flat lump. It wasn't painful (yet) but I was worried if it stayed like that it would eventually grow bigger and then what?

Following the advice of Dr. Sears (love his web site BTW) of massage, warm compress, pump and nurse, Kayla eventually released the blockage during her last feed of this evening. Yeah... it's the first thing she's ever done for me in her sweet little life (I'm so proud). It's always been me doing things for her, it's actually very comforting vice versa, in a strange sort of way.

Now as I think back on how this happened since I've had no problems breastfeeding since the early days, I suspect it's due to her recent habit of nursing from only one boob (rather than both) at each feed. For the past few days, my milk supply has been learning to adjust to this new routine and I guess this blocked duct has been the result. But tonight I'm just relieved it's gone, so I'm sending sweet kisses and little prayers to my little sleeping angel!

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