Thursday, June 28, 2007

good things

Today has been a day filled with good things.

Good thing #1:
I meet Sara, mother and founder of, a new mommy-venture selling products made only by moms. I'm excited to work with Sara and be a part of this new venture, and also have the opportunity to perhaps meet and learn from other mamas who are out there doing what they love, too!

Good thing #2:
As Sara and I talk, and Baby K pulls my finger into her mouth, I was shocked to discover something sharp and hard along her gum line. I peer into her mouth to see two white slashes across her gums, a sign that her first tooth is coming in - already at only 5 1/2 mouths!

So, to say the least, I'm not prepared for this! Should I be brushing her teeth now? But with what? I haven't purchased any baby toothpaste or toothbrush yet. She hasn't been showing any signs of teething which I guess I should be thankful to be so lucky! Now I'm also wondering if I should speed up her feeding time line. We were going to start next weekend, but maybe it should be this weekend instead?

Boy, have I mentioned before how unpredictable my baby girl is?

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Kerry said...

BabyOrajel has a great gel for brushing baby's gums and first teeth. It comes with a soft little rubber "brush" that you slip on your finger. I've used it for all 3 of my babies since they were born. I believe the set I got for my 2 oldest (now 2 weeks from turning 16 and only 3 months from turning 12) was purchased at the local drugstore but the set I got for my youngest (now 4.5) was bought at Walmart.