Wednesday, June 20, 2007

growing, growing, growing...

These past two weeks have been met with many milestones for my little lady. Not only has she become more acrobatic these days, she's also able to turn herself around on her stomach during tummy time. Plus, she loves to chatter. She talks all the time these days, however, every time we try to capture this on video, she clams up. Silly girl!

She loves to stand (with support). I think it must be those big thigh muscles she has! She's also very close to sitting on her own this week. She can sit, lean forward and support herself on her hands for a few seconds before tumbling sideways on the bed. It's too funny to watch! She gets this shocked look on her face when it happens like she wasn't expecting it!

Watching her growth and development these past couple of weeks has been very exciting for me. It reminds me that she's growing (and so quickly too)! In 2 weeks we'll be starting her on solids.

On an aside, Happy 1st Birthday to Kayla's boyfriend - SUPER B!

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