Wednesday, June 27, 2007

on solid ground

Hard to imagine, but Baby K will be starting solids next week. She seems interested in food these days. She has started to eye me intently in the mornings from her activity centre as I'm eating my breakfast. Perhaps wondering if she could try some too!

So this week, I've been preparing for the transition - stocking up on spoons, little plastic bowls, and plastic bibs - lots of bibs! I've also been researching what to feed her. They say baby's first food should be rice cereal, but because of Kayla's allergies, the standard commercial baby cereals won't work, so we'll probably start with congee (typical Chinese kid), which is simply pureed rice.

I have been concerned, however, that she won't get the iron she needs if I make my own cereal, so I've also discovered the other day an organic brand by My Organic Baby. The contents are organic brown rice and iron supplements - that's it. No fillers or milk ingredients - perfect!

I never planned on going organic for our babe when she was born but since her birth, I've found that an organic shampoo and baby wash has cleared up her cradle cap, an organic alternative to hydro-cortisone cream is helping with her eczema, and now it looks like she'll be served organic and homemade foods because of her allergies. It looks like I've got my very own organic baby.

I'm looking forward (and camera ready) to her reactions when she tries her first foods. Perhaps we'll start her on a weekend so hubby and I can both share the experience with her. Exciting times...

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