Friday, June 29, 2007

scary moments

Amongst all the good things that happened yesterday, I also had the biggest scare since becoming a mama. Shortly after yesterday's post, as I heard my babe waking up from her afternoon nap, I found her in her crib covered in vomit. Oh, the horror! She then proceeded to throw up for the next 45 minutes! My poor, poor babe.

Afterwards, she was so tired, and I was at this point so beyond worried. I called telehealth (after wracking my brain in my moments of panic to remember what that service was called). Can I say again, "Thank goodness the Internet was invented!"

I had guessed she was having a violent reaction to the soy formula I had given at her 3pm feed. We were just starting to introduce a bottle back into her schedule and it was the first time I've given her the powdered variety. Previously we had been using the canned concentrate formula with no problems. I can't believe there is a noticeable difference between liquid and powder!

The nurse on the hotline agreed it was a reaction to the formula, but determined through a series of questions, that Kayla wasn't too bad and that I should just monitor her condition for dehydration. She was still a little tired when hubby rushed home from work, but by 7pm she was feeling a little better and we showered her and put her to bed.

It was a tough night for both hubby and I as we proceeded to check up on her almost every hour she was sleeping to make sure she hadn't vomited in bed or that she was still breathing. She awoke at 10pm looking for food (since she hadn't eaten anything since 11am because of all the vomiting). She ended up sleeping through the night (for the first time) until 6am this morning! Although I can't say that I slept very well! She, however, woke up this morning in good spirits like nothing had happened the night before.

I'm still perplexed about the whole formula thing. Maybe it's her way of telling me she prefers to stay breastfeed? Anyways, lets just say I'm not planning to test it again!

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