Sunday, June 03, 2007

sophie the giraffe

Meet Sophie, Baby K's newest friend.

I'd been hearing about this teething toy for a little while now - from mommy forums, baby web sites, random moms at kids stores... all rave reviews. So, since my babe is approaching the teething age and putting everything in her mouth these days, I decided to get her one. To my surprise, it's so popular many stores have been sold out of Sophie for months!

What's so great about Sophie? Well, I love the fact that she's made of natural rubber and decorated with food quality paint. No synthetics or harsh PVC plastics like other teething toys. I also love that she's French (made in France). I had to recall my rusty high school French classes so I could read the history of the toy on the back of the box. And lastly, I love that her name is Sophie (Kayla's middle name) - how appropriate!

Anyways, Baby K loves her little giraffe. It's quickly become her fave toy to chew on and it's always in my diaper bag now! But she's so cute, how could any baby (or mama) resist!

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Isabeau said...

Sophie was my favorite teething toy when I was a baby, and I'm 46 now! I never even knew it was still around until two days ago when I happened across it on a charity webstore! My Mom still tells the story of how one day while chewing on it I bit my finger, thought Sophie bit me, and would never play with her again! LOL