Friday, July 27, 2007

sitting pretty

She's finally sitting up on her own! Well... almost. I can't say she's the best sitter in the world yet, but she has her moments. She still totters on her hands and bum, but for the most part can sit for a good minute or two before starting to lean in one direction or another.

Just doing the last bits of preparation for our trip. I'm pretty excited to show my babe the world (well, let's start with Boston...)

There will be a shop update and hopefully a new web site when I return. I hope to restock with a some fresh new ideas! Stay tuned!

Until then, enjoy your week. See you all after the long weekend! Goodness, August is creeping up already!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

under the big top

Kayla went to the circus for the first time yesterday! Our little family attended the launch party for the new Joe Fresh Kids line at Queen's Quey Loblaws. It was an early evening of jugglers, dancers, acrobats, live music, cotton candy and other circus food (aka "junk" food). Pretty cool!

Kayla had fun dancing to the music and interacting with the other babies, kids and mommies and daddies at the show. She made instant friends with the little boy and his mommy sitting behind us! It was also a test of how late we could keep Kayla up without getting cranky, in preparation for our upcoming family vacation. Happy to say she survived the event in very good spirits!

Silly me, I forgot the camera, so I was only able to take a pretty bad cell phone photo, however, I can't figure out how to get it off the phone. Once I do, I'll replace this promo pic I nabbed off the event PR (yes, cheesy, I know)!

I have to say, I'm was impressed with the event (although it started a lot latter than expected). The kids modelling the clothes were absolutely adorable, so the fashion show was very cute! I'm looking forward to their line of organic cotton clothing coming out this Fall! Stylish and eco-friendly - that's my kind of shop! Oh... and everyone left with a goodie bag - sweet!

Monday, July 23, 2007

fall of the peacock

Today is a sad day for all those, myself included, who loved Kayla's peacock hair-do. The hair that had a mind of it's own has finally decided to fall down.

She woke up this morning and surprisingly her hair, which is usually standing at attention, fell into place on top of her head. Here she is sporting her new "peacock-free" look.

Funny thing... now that it's gone, I kind of miss it.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

lazy sunday

A lazy Sunday - while hubby takes a fishing trip (hopefully catching us dinner perhaps?)... it's just me, my babe, and my dog...

: : Playing around and being silly...

: : Nap time knitting...

: : Yummy baby food making...

Friday, July 20, 2007

prep work

Next weekend we're taking our first family vacation and Kayla on her first plane ride - to Boston! Oh my!

Naturally, most of my thoughts have been interrupted by things like: "remember her toothbrush..." and "don't forget to buy some disposable bibs."

Now I'm not a "lists" person - hubby is. I never make a list when we go on vacations (hum... maybe that's why I forget things). However, I'm learning now that travelling with a baby takes lots of preparation. I even started a list today (what a list, you say - what an ingenious idea)! Goodness, babies don't travel light! I think she'll end up having her own little suitcase for the trip.

Then there's things like diapers and wipes - should I bring enough for the trip, or just buy a package when we get there? This is Boston, they must have Wal-Mart (or even better Target)! Then I think, we should have done this trip when Kayla was younger, before she started solids. Now I have to think about introducing her to some jarred foods next week so it won't be so odd for her when we're away and I can't make food for her. And packing enough food for a whole week! Oh my, that bag is going to be HEAVY! Oh... so many things to think about, worry about... but then I think, we're going on a vacation and I smile. Yippee! We're going on our FIRST family vacation!

Next week I see myself running around doing errands for the trip. Until then, enjoy your weekends!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

flip flop

The first time Baby K flipped onto her stomach to sleep about a week ago I was panicked. OMG! I thought - all the tales of infant death and suffocation raced through my mind. It's funny how these things get so ingrained in our heads.

I quickly rushed in there to flip her back, but she just flopped herself back over - still asleep! So instead, I proceeded to sneak into her room a couple of times to check that she was okay, and of course she was!

Now, it's quite funny to reflect on this behaviour and smile. Apparently she prefers to sleep on her stomach (who knew!?) and she's just fine doing so! Sometimes in the middle of the night I watch her through the video monitor and laugh. What a silly girl she is!

Monday, July 16, 2007

going bananas

I ate a banana today.

Although this seems like a weird topic to blog about, anyone who knows me knows what a terrific feat this is.

I hate, hate, HATE bananas.

This weekend we introduced bananas to Kayla's growing repertoire of foods and it turns out she LOVES bananas! Go figure! Since she can only eat about a fraction of the entire banana I've been pushing bananas on other people... hubby, my friends, my mom and my dad. However, this morning, there was no else around to offer Kayla's uneaten portion to. So I reluctantly ate it - washed down with a big glass of orange juice!

I'm really enjoying mealtimes with Baby K. It's funny to see her reactions to foods - the new tastes and textures. So other than bananas, she likes butternut squash but not pears. For lunch today, we're trying out carrots for the first time.

I'm also really enjoying making her own foods. Surprisingly, it's not a lot of effort at all. When Baby K was born we were given these awesome baby cubes for freezing homemade baby foods and they're great! They make perfect baby size portions so there's no waste as there would be in commercial prepared jarred baby foods since Kayla doesn't really eat a lot yet. Plus, homemade foods are so much fresher and I can choose my own organic fruits and vegetables at a local farmers market. Yummy!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

celebrating 6 months

Baby K is 6 months old today! Boy, how time is whizzing by! We celebrated when hubby came home from work. Kayla was really into her birthday treats today. Here she is ready to dig into something sweet!

And of course, we had to spoil her with some new toys... a fun drum to learn her ABC's...

... and cuddly Jelly Bean.

Six months has been marked with more milestones. These days, she is very, VERY wiggly, especially as she is being changed. I'm really missing the early days when changing her was a breeze. Now we wrestle her diaper and clothes on and off her! She can actually do a full flip in midst diaper change - while I'm holding her legs up! Goodness, that's why they add straps on change tables.

And yesterday, she slept through the night! Well, almost... technically she slept from 11pm to 6am - which for me is sleeping through the night because she didn't get up at 3 or 4 am like she normally does. Here's hoping this is a start of a new thing!

Happy half-birthday, baby girl! Don't grow up too fast!

Monday, July 09, 2007

jelly bean

Meet Jelly Bean, Kayla's newest toy.

I finally stitched on her little legs last night. She's made completely with 100% certified organic cotton (except for the felt flower eyes and ribbon bow) - my newest craze in yarn these days!

Jelly Bean is part of my babe's 6-month birthday present on Wednesday!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

baby alarm

Ever since Baby K was born I haven't once set my alarm clock. There was never any need - I didn't have to go to work, and she woke up between 6:30 and 7:00 each morning anyways. However, today, when I actually needed to be out of the house by 7:30 am (to set up a garage sale at my parent's place) what does my little girl do? She decides to sleep in until 8 am!

Normally, I would've been overjoyed for the extra hour of sleep, but today - not today! I've learned my lesson. This is the last time I use a baby alarm clock. I'm switching back to the real thing!

This little girl of mine, always keeps me on my toes!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

food fight

We gave Kayla a little bit of rice cereal (organic whole brown rice) this morning. It was really funny watching her eat it. She opened her mouth readily as the spoon approached and quickly scrunched up her mouth and nose when she tasted it.

I'm not exactly sure what she found about it that tasted funny because had I tried a little before giving it to her and it tasted pretty bland to me.

She seemed to have the whole eating thing figured out with the first bite because she didn't have any troubles opening her mouth and tasting. Go figure, my little piggy! Although I think she preferred to chew on the spoon rather than eat from it. Here she is trying to feed herself!

Overall, I think it was a successful attempt. So far, no allergic reactions (thank goodness)! We'll try again tomorrow. Then we're off trying pear and sweet potatoes next week - yippee!

Friday, July 06, 2007

rolly-polly part two

Funny thing about babies... when they learn a new skill, they want to practice it all the time - even in their sleep!

Kayla woke this evening about half an hour ago; she had turned completely around - head to toe - and was lying on her stomach propped up on her elbows when I entered her room. I'm not exactly sure what to do about this situation now. Luckily, she was able to fall back asleep very quickly after being placed back into bed properly!

My crazy, silly girl!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

rolly-polly baby

This past little while, it seems that Kayla has been hitting one milestone after another!

Today she rolled completely around - from back to front to back again! Previously, she had been able to roll from front to back only, but today she surprised me (yet again) by rolling from her back.

Here she is after successfully completely a roll and grabbing for her toy.

It's all happening so fast! Maybe too fast for me. One day she'll be so squirmy she might not want me to hold her for too long. Soon, the days where she can no longer stay in one spot will be gone! I think I'll miss those days. Cherish these moments, I say to myself almost everyday.

We had a play date at boyfriend Hayden's place today. Here they are lounging in his very CUTE mushroom pool (sans water, of course!) Thanks for the yummy lunch, Auntie K Bee.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

just one bite

I'm not talking about food this time... Baby K's first teeth are coming in rapidly now, and today she took her first bite (on me - ouch!) during her feeding this afternoon.

I was not impressed to say the least. I'm hoping this doesn't become a habit or else I'm going to have to take drastic measures. Although this sounds threatening, I'm not exactly sure yet what those will be. I can't exactly cut her off because I don't have any alternate ways to feed her yet.

Of all the things she had to develop first, why couldn't sleeping through the night be one of them?!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I've recently opened a few new toys for Kayla to play with, and every time I unwrap a package I always exclaim to myself: "Why do they make these things so hard to open!" The toys are always encased in plastic, tied down with twist ties, taped together with heavy-duty tape and secured with thick cardboard. Is that all really necessary? As if diapers weren't filling up the landfills, added with all the extra toy packaging and each baby born must contribute some hugely indescribable amount to the landfills!

On another note, we also set up Kayla's high-chair this long weekend in preparation for her first real meal next weekend. I think she likes feeling like a grown-up, sitting with us at the dinner table. Here she is in her first high-chair experience! Her favourite thing to do in the high-chair? Chew on the straps, of course!