Saturday, July 07, 2007

food fight

We gave Kayla a little bit of rice cereal (organic whole brown rice) this morning. It was really funny watching her eat it. She opened her mouth readily as the spoon approached and quickly scrunched up her mouth and nose when she tasted it.

I'm not exactly sure what she found about it that tasted funny because had I tried a little before giving it to her and it tasted pretty bland to me.

She seemed to have the whole eating thing figured out with the first bite because she didn't have any troubles opening her mouth and tasting. Go figure, my little piggy! Although I think she preferred to chew on the spoon rather than eat from it. Here she is trying to feed herself!

Overall, I think it was a successful attempt. So far, no allergic reactions (thank goodness)! We'll try again tomorrow. Then we're off trying pear and sweet potatoes next week - yippee!

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