Monday, July 16, 2007

going bananas

I ate a banana today.

Although this seems like a weird topic to blog about, anyone who knows me knows what a terrific feat this is.

I hate, hate, HATE bananas.

This weekend we introduced bananas to Kayla's growing repertoire of foods and it turns out she LOVES bananas! Go figure! Since she can only eat about a fraction of the entire banana I've been pushing bananas on other people... hubby, my friends, my mom and my dad. However, this morning, there was no else around to offer Kayla's uneaten portion to. So I reluctantly ate it - washed down with a big glass of orange juice!

I'm really enjoying mealtimes with Baby K. It's funny to see her reactions to foods - the new tastes and textures. So other than bananas, she likes butternut squash but not pears. For lunch today, we're trying out carrots for the first time.

I'm also really enjoying making her own foods. Surprisingly, it's not a lot of effort at all. When Baby K was born we were given these awesome baby cubes for freezing homemade baby foods and they're great! They make perfect baby size portions so there's no waste as there would be in commercial prepared jarred baby foods since Kayla doesn't really eat a lot yet. Plus, homemade foods are so much fresher and I can choose my own organic fruits and vegetables at a local farmers market. Yummy!

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sugar mama said...

I share your distaste for bananas so I can empathize... that gritty yet mushy texture, ick! Glad to hear that baby K is enjoying new foods, she is growing fast! Wait until she plays with more than she eats! I'm also going to try freezing some homemade food when we start solids... Ricardo taught me how :) Those Baby Cubes look perfect.