Friday, July 20, 2007

prep work

Next weekend we're taking our first family vacation and Kayla on her first plane ride - to Boston! Oh my!

Naturally, most of my thoughts have been interrupted by things like: "remember her toothbrush..." and "don't forget to buy some disposable bibs."

Now I'm not a "lists" person - hubby is. I never make a list when we go on vacations (hum... maybe that's why I forget things). However, I'm learning now that travelling with a baby takes lots of preparation. I even started a list today (what a list, you say - what an ingenious idea)! Goodness, babies don't travel light! I think she'll end up having her own little suitcase for the trip.

Then there's things like diapers and wipes - should I bring enough for the trip, or just buy a package when we get there? This is Boston, they must have Wal-Mart (or even better Target)! Then I think, we should have done this trip when Kayla was younger, before she started solids. Now I have to think about introducing her to some jarred foods next week so it won't be so odd for her when we're away and I can't make food for her. And packing enough food for a whole week! Oh my, that bag is going to be HEAVY! Oh... so many things to think about, worry about... but then I think, we're going on a vacation and I smile. Yippee! We're going on our FIRST family vacation!

Next week I see myself running around doing errands for the trip. Until then, enjoy your weekends!

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