Thursday, July 05, 2007

rolly-polly baby

This past little while, it seems that Kayla has been hitting one milestone after another!

Today she rolled completely around - from back to front to back again! Previously, she had been able to roll from front to back only, but today she surprised me (yet again) by rolling from her back.

Here she is after successfully completely a roll and grabbing for her toy.

It's all happening so fast! Maybe too fast for me. One day she'll be so squirmy she might not want me to hold her for too long. Soon, the days where she can no longer stay in one spot will be gone! I think I'll miss those days. Cherish these moments, I say to myself almost everyday.

We had a play date at boyfriend Hayden's place today. Here they are lounging in his very CUTE mushroom pool (sans water, of course!) Thanks for the yummy lunch, Auntie K Bee.

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