Thursday, July 26, 2007

under the big top

Kayla went to the circus for the first time yesterday! Our little family attended the launch party for the new Joe Fresh Kids line at Queen's Quey Loblaws. It was an early evening of jugglers, dancers, acrobats, live music, cotton candy and other circus food (aka "junk" food). Pretty cool!

Kayla had fun dancing to the music and interacting with the other babies, kids and mommies and daddies at the show. She made instant friends with the little boy and his mommy sitting behind us! It was also a test of how late we could keep Kayla up without getting cranky, in preparation for our upcoming family vacation. Happy to say she survived the event in very good spirits!

Silly me, I forgot the camera, so I was only able to take a pretty bad cell phone photo, however, I can't figure out how to get it off the phone. Once I do, I'll replace this promo pic I nabbed off the event PR (yes, cheesy, I know)!

I have to say, I'm was impressed with the event (although it started a lot latter than expected). The kids modelling the clothes were absolutely adorable, so the fashion show was very cute! I'm looking forward to their line of organic cotton clothing coming out this Fall! Stylish and eco-friendly - that's my kind of shop! Oh... and everyone left with a goodie bag - sweet!

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