Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I've recently opened a few new toys for Kayla to play with, and every time I unwrap a package I always exclaim to myself: "Why do they make these things so hard to open!" The toys are always encased in plastic, tied down with twist ties, taped together with heavy-duty tape and secured with thick cardboard. Is that all really necessary? As if diapers weren't filling up the landfills, added with all the extra toy packaging and each baby born must contribute some hugely indescribable amount to the landfills!

On another note, we also set up Kayla's high-chair this long weekend in preparation for her first real meal next weekend. I think she likes feeling like a grown-up, sitting with us at the dinner table. Here she is in her first high-chair experience! Her favourite thing to do in the high-chair? Chew on the straps, of course!

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