Tuesday, August 14, 2007

first hair cut

Yesterday we cut Baby K's hair for the first time. We were very reluctant to do it, but her bangs were getting too long and kept falling into her eyes. Plus, I hated brushing it to the side. I thought it gave her the old man 'comb-over' look. So we took the plunge and snipped about 1/4-inch off in front.

I had mixed feelings about this milestone - sad but also happy. Hubby, I think, regretted it more. He's very fond of her head of jet black hair. Here's the result:

A little crocked and has that "just-cut" look. Hopefully in a week it will grow out some and look a little better.

On another note, we also recently lowered the base of K's pack-n-play to the floor. When we put her inside, she had a fun time exploring her new surroundings.

Then she started doing this:

Which reminded me of her boyfriend, Brandon, doing the exact same thing in his playpen about a couple of months ago.

Makes you think that, despite their different personalities, babies are the same in many ways. Does your babe do this, too? I'd be fascinated to here about it!

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