Sunday, August 26, 2007

little miss independent

I knew the day would come when my babe wouldn't need me any more (well almost), but I never expected it to happen at 7-1/2 months!

My previously very good eater has suddenly, and without warning, decided she doesn't like to eat solids anymore. Even her favourites like butternut squash, bananas and broccoli don't appeal to her. Instead, she prefers to feed herself. Opening her mouth only if she holds the spoon, or can pick it up with her own hands, or eating it straight from the source, like she's doing here with a banana.

She even prefers to drink water on her own, holding her own sippy cup!

Overall, it's making meal time very frustrating and very lengthy. I've been told it's a phase and like all the other phases, it will disappear as suddenly as it has crept up. I certainly hope so! I'm not ready for little miss independent just yet!

Oh, and in addition to being independent, I've also learned my babe is a pretty tough little cookie. She's not one to be bullied around...

: : B - "Hey, that looks interesting...."

: : B - "Can I see it?"

: : K - "Hey, I was playing with that!"

: : K - "Give it back to me!"

: : B - "Hum, that's one tough little girl!"
: : K - "That boy doesn't scare me, even if he's 7 months older!"

Yup, that's my girl...

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