Saturday, August 25, 2007


The Canadian National Exhibition (or EX or CNE as it is mostly called) has always been kind of a tradition for me. I've gone almost every year for as long as I can remeber. Yesterday, I took my babe for the first time.

It was a sticky afternoon of strolling, eating, watching and more eating! My favorite tradition at the CNE is eating corn dogs with lots of mustard. It's actually the only place that I'll have one. Another fave, Tiny Toms mini donuts, but sadly no Toms for me this summer (dairy allergy) - maybe next year.

Baby K and her friends enjoyed a dancing perforance, showing their delight with big smiles and round, astonished eyes.

And of course, there was plenty of CNE silliness going on, too! I think this outing will now become a family tradition for all of us!

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Beaches said...

So fun! I took my "bump" to the EX last night and spent a lot of time thinking of how different it will be next year when I'm pushing my little babe through the crowds! I'm glad you had a fun day.