Friday, August 31, 2007


I've decided to start weaning Baby K this week... and all I can say is, I don't know how other moms do this but it's a lot of work! Because of her dairy allergies, I've been trying with pumped breast milk (not fun). Of course, by now she's so used to the boob that it's pretty tough going.

Instead of drinking, she chews on the bottle nipple, plays with the bottle itself, turning it around in her hands, pushes it away, and pretty much clamps her lips (and teeth!) together. I've also tried using the sippy cup, because she likes to drink water out of it herself. Well, with that she opens her mouth immediately, thinking that it's water but as soon as she realizes it's not, she pulls it out and actually hands it back to me! Very frustrating indeed!

I've also tried different bottles and nipples, hoping that the latex ones that claim to be most similar to breast would work, but unfortunately they haven't so far. So now, I'm cursing myself for being so lazy and not keeping up the once-a-day bottle feeding plan I had initially started out with. But again, with her dairy allergies, it was soooo much easier to skip the bottle and just give her the boob. Well... it has been until the day I want to wean her!

I've heard that starving her works, but I'm just not really into that. So, I'm open to all advice and tips on how to beat this seemingly impossible task!

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