Saturday, September 29, 2007

weaning - there's a part three!!

We've had a setback in our weaning plans. A couple of days ago, Baby K woke up one morning and decided she's had enough of the bottle and doesn't want to drink from it anymore. All of a sudden (again, no warning) our once-a-day bottle feeding has been abruptly halted. I'm completely baffled. Even hubby can't get her back on track this time.

Today has been one of the most stressful days since she was born - stressful for both her and for me! We've been trying all day today to get her to take the bottle again, but in the end, she won. After over 12 hours of fighting with her, we finally gave in and I gave her the boob at 7 pm right before we started her bedtime routine.

Even now, I'm still wondering what happened. How did it happen? I can understand how a few months could pass and she would forget how to drink from a bottle, but not even a day! How is that possible!? Just when I was getting comfortable with the whole bottle-thing, Baby K decides to throw me another curve ball! "Hey Mama, let's see you try and hit this one."

Now, I'm usually not the type of person to worry easily, but this time, I'm a little stressed, to say the least. I think I'm in for the long haul on this one. From speaking with another mama tonight who went through the same thing, taking 2 1/2 months to wean her own son, it sounds like it's going to be a bumpy ride. Wish me luck... and send ANY advice, tips, encouragement my way! I think I'm going to need it.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

indoor fun

Since the temperature has drastically dropped outside, we've decided to turn our playtime indoors these days. My plan over the coming winter months is to turn our empty living room (still no furniture after over one year of moving in) into one GIANT playroom. I went to a neighbour's house a short while ago and she had done exactly that (mind you she has 3 kids, 2 of which were twins!) It was wall-to-wall fun foam over there!

So in preparation for my own indoor playground, I picked up this neat little playhouse yesterday. It's fantastic! It folds down flat to 12" and is so portable. We filled it with balls and had a little tent party! There's tunnels and other play areas shaped as cars, hot air balloons, and even cheese, and you can connect them with fun crawling tunnels. Oh my! I think I may have had more fun than Kayla during playtime yesterday!

A quick update: shop for FlowerPot Designs at Honeybunch, a magical little shop filled with original and creative treasures for kids - run by local mama of two, Nicole. Thanks for the support, Nicole!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

apples n' oranges

I'm excited to welcome a new retailer to the FlowerPot Designs family.

Apples n' Oranges, who carry exclusively Canadian brands, and feature an original selection of clothing, shoes and accessories for children aged 0-5 years, will now also showcase a selection of my hair clips! Thank you Vicky and Lara - who are both also new moms - and good luck with the upcoming launch party!

Recently, I've been marvelling at the number of Canadian woman who are doing it all - raising a family, venturing out with their own businesses, and most importantly, having fun. I had the opportunity to meet a handful of such women at the Mom2Mom Toronto MBA workshop on Friday. It's a real testament to this generation's lifestyle choices. Whereas the previous generation showed us that women could work equally with men, this generation's women are proving that a balanced lifestyle between family and work could be achieved through passion - passion for family and passion for something we strongly believe in.

But one of the most wonderful and amazing characteristics of the "Mompreneur" is the support for other Mompreneurs. Like a close-knit community, the Mompreneur community helps, supports, and shares with each other. Fostered by similar goals and love for our babes provides a mutual bond - between discussing diaper rashes and marketing tactics - the work gets done, and together the whole community thrives.

I'm overjoyed by the words of encouragement, advice, and support I've already received myself and grateful for all the wonderful women I've met already. More retail announcements coming shortly! Thank you!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

little indulgences

It's been a long while (about 7 months) since I've indulged in something creamy and sweet. But this week, I've had a few small pleasures. Following our meeting with Kayla's allergist last week, I've been testing her dairy tolerance. First I've been consuming small amounts of cheese, milk and cream products again! Boy, I've missed pasta with cheese and creamy desserts! I have to say, it's been a bit of a struggle to control myself and not go overboard - eating everything I've been missing that I see!

We've also been giving her minimal amounts of formula diluted with expressed breast milk in her bottle each day this week. It appears, at least for the moment, that her tolerance to dairy has subsided. I haven't noticed any major reactions so far. So, I'm hopeful.

And I'm happy to announce that Baby K is finally *almost* sleeping through the night! She takes a last feed anywhere between 11:30 and 12:30 am and after that, it's all quiet until morning! I'm hoping by next month even the 11:30 nursing will get phased out. Yippee! This has been a long time coming as well!

So now I have sleep and sweets... what else could a new mama ask for?!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

making music

Baby K loves music. I've mentioned before that she likes to sing. Well, she also loves musical toys. This one here is one of her faves. She must get that from hubby. However, I might consider moving my old piano from my parent's house over here and introducing it to her. Maybe we'll have a little music lesson one day with one of her music teacher aunties - any offers E or M? :)

Monday, September 17, 2007


Okay, so Halloween is a month and half away, but hubby and I couldn't resit dressing up Baby K into her baby-roo costume! We picked it up from Old Navy this weekend (they've got great costumes there for excellent prices)!

I love Halloween. It's actually my fave next to Christmas. I love kids coming over to the house and watching their shy but eager expressions as they ask for a treat! I was so happy we moved from our condo in Toronto (which didn't allow trick-or-treating in the halls) to a house just so I could celebrate Halloween again! I always wanted to have the cool, scary house, with the spooking music and gravestones on the lawn and I can't wait until Baby K is big enough to appreciate it!

On another totally unrelated note, I'm happy to welcome Bare Organics Inc into the FlowerPot Designs family. They are carrying a selection of my hair clip duos and organic knit plush toys.

Karen at Bare Organics has her own line of natural, organic skin care products and baby clothes. I've actually learned a lot about baby skin care from her, especially in light of Kayla's allergies and eczema and I'm looking forward to testing out her products. Check out her site for more info on this fabulous product! There's some great gift baskets filled with tons of goodness!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

standing tall

So on the day after her 8th month birthday, my babe has decided (again quite independently and without warning) that she wants to stand. And stand she does.

A little wobbly still, but she was very proud and happy with herself this evening as she stood on her own! I fear, however, this will be the start of her waking at night, standing in bed and crying out for me. I'm bracing myself for more sleepless nights ahead.

Today I took K to see the allergist and she was tested. So it's now confirmed - all my "at home" diagnosis of her allergies are accurate. She's allergic to everything! Well, I exaggerate... almost everything - milk, wheat, soy, oaks, barley - my poor babe. I even have a prescription for an epi-pen for her as a result. Although the doctor said the pen was for "just in case" having one scares me because it means just that... "just in case". And although I can control what I feed her at mealtimes, now that she's so mobile, I can't monitor everything she puts in her mouth, especially when we're out.

I was secretly hoping that the allergist would somehow say something like: "Oh you have nothing to worry about, she doesn't have any allergies at all!" But who am I kidding! I never imagined when I was pregnant with Baby K that I would be dealing with this. I was expecting and sort of prepared for the waking up at night, the crying, the diapers, but unfortunately not for the allergies.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

8 months!

Every month that passes, I marvel at how far my babe has come, but I also reflect at how much I've grown in the process as well.

Before my babe I didn't know that a simple sweet smile could melt my heart or a sad whimper could bring on tears. Before my babe, I never knew how to change a diaper, and I never woke up at 4 in the morning and held someone until they back fell asleep.

But before Baby K, I also would have never started this little blog, or discovered and met so many creative and entrepreneurial women. I also didn't have my own web site or my own little mommy-venture which is growing and taking form as I learn more about operating my own business. I have to say, I'm blessed with a lot of goodness this year.

And at 8 months, I'm planning on teaching Baby K to sleep through the night. It's time. Following the advice of another mama, we'll start by trying to cut out the 4:30 am nursing. It'll be tough (for both of us) but we'll see how it goes - gotta start somewhere! And just like the bottle-feeding lessons, we hope it will be successful, too!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

weaning - part deux

I'm happy to report that Baby K is successfully taking the bottle again! So after one week of struggle (and almost giving up) it's finally done. In fact, it's been so successful that this morning, she actually held out her hand to grab the bottle from me when I showed it to her!

Last week she took about an ounce from the bottle with my mom and on the weekend she drank two full bottles from hubby. The trick, I got other people to give the bottle to her and get her used to it, plus we sat her in the high chair and put a bib on her. Then we feed her the bottle in the chair rather than holding her lying down like I do when I nurse her. It seemed to work. Maybe she associated sitting in the chair with eating - who knows. I'm just grateful it worked.

It's still a bit of a pain to have to pump enough milk for her bottle feed. It's basically double the effort and time just for one feeding! I'll look forward to the day when she's fully weaned because that means ice cream and chocolate again for me! Oh how I miss these things!

Oh... and another thing, she will only drink from the Playtex brand bottles, which I find a bit of a pain because a) they only work with these disposable liners, and b) because of the liners I have to warm the bottle in another container. All those Avent bottles I bought before she was born - what a waste! All I use them now is to warm the milk and transfer to the other bottle!

Note to any moms-to-be out there, don't buy a lot of bottles until you're sure you need them because they could be wasted if your babe doesn't like them! I learned the hard way.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What I love : : the zoo

Just a few memories from our weekend outing to the Metro Zoo.

: : giraffe cuddles

: : natural symmetry

: : lazy summer days

The perfect end to a wonderful family summer. September has rolled in so quickly. My babe will be 8 months old soon! Fall is my favorite time of year so I can expect much activity, comings and goings as the weather cools down to just the way I like it! Hope you enjoyed your last days of summer, too!

BTW - photos were taken by hubby, the aspiring photographer.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

yummy mummy

I'm so excited to announce that an excerpt of this little blog has been selected to appear on the Yummy Mummy Club web site and newsletter this month! The Yummy Mummy Club speaks to the woman in every mom. Created by celebrity Yummy Mummy Erica Ehm, The Yummy Mummy Club is a virtual meeting place where women can celebrate and commiserate the joys and realities of trying to balance motherhood with their sexy selves. And I'm so happy to be a contributor to it. You can read the article here.

It's also a good time to let you all sneak a peek at my new web site. Although it's been officially live since early August, I've been quite shy to tell you all about it (there's lots of pressure - all self imposed, of course - since I'm in the digital media industry)! But it's there and I'm pretty pleased about it. Of course, there's still lots of things I want to add, fix and update, but that comes with time, which these days is a little scarce since Baby K won't stay in one place for longer than 5 minutes!

Hope you're all enjoying the long weekend! We're going to see the lions, tigers and bears tomorrow - OH MY!