Tuesday, September 11, 2007

8 months!

Every month that passes, I marvel at how far my babe has come, but I also reflect at how much I've grown in the process as well.

Before my babe I didn't know that a simple sweet smile could melt my heart or a sad whimper could bring on tears. Before my babe, I never knew how to change a diaper, and I never woke up at 4 in the morning and held someone until they back fell asleep.

But before Baby K, I also would have never started this little blog, or discovered and met so many creative and entrepreneurial women. I also didn't have my own web site or my own little mommy-venture which is growing and taking form as I learn more about operating my own business. I have to say, I'm blessed with a lot of goodness this year.

And at 8 months, I'm planning on teaching Baby K to sleep through the night. It's time. Following the advice of another mama, we'll start by trying to cut out the 4:30 am nursing. It'll be tough (for both of us) but we'll see how it goes - gotta start somewhere! And just like the bottle-feeding lessons, we hope it will be successful, too!

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