Sunday, September 23, 2007

apples n' oranges

I'm excited to welcome a new retailer to the FlowerPot Designs family.

Apples n' Oranges, who carry exclusively Canadian brands, and feature an original selection of clothing, shoes and accessories for children aged 0-5 years, will now also showcase a selection of my hair clips! Thank you Vicky and Lara - who are both also new moms - and good luck with the upcoming launch party!

Recently, I've been marvelling at the number of Canadian woman who are doing it all - raising a family, venturing out with their own businesses, and most importantly, having fun. I had the opportunity to meet a handful of such women at the Mom2Mom Toronto MBA workshop on Friday. It's a real testament to this generation's lifestyle choices. Whereas the previous generation showed us that women could work equally with men, this generation's women are proving that a balanced lifestyle between family and work could be achieved through passion - passion for family and passion for something we strongly believe in.

But one of the most wonderful and amazing characteristics of the "Mompreneur" is the support for other Mompreneurs. Like a close-knit community, the Mompreneur community helps, supports, and shares with each other. Fostered by similar goals and love for our babes provides a mutual bond - between discussing diaper rashes and marketing tactics - the work gets done, and together the whole community thrives.

I'm overjoyed by the words of encouragement, advice, and support I've already received myself and grateful for all the wonderful women I've met already. More retail announcements coming shortly! Thank you!


Lara said...

The mompreneur community is an incredible one - we're loving being a part of it and supporting each other.

And we love the clips! :)

Some kind of Wondermom said...

Flora that was well said! I can't agree with you more! I think having a community is so important for new moms. We're so happy to have FlowerPot Design on board!