Monday, September 17, 2007


Okay, so Halloween is a month and half away, but hubby and I couldn't resit dressing up Baby K into her baby-roo costume! We picked it up from Old Navy this weekend (they've got great costumes there for excellent prices)!

I love Halloween. It's actually my fave next to Christmas. I love kids coming over to the house and watching their shy but eager expressions as they ask for a treat! I was so happy we moved from our condo in Toronto (which didn't allow trick-or-treating in the halls) to a house just so I could celebrate Halloween again! I always wanted to have the cool, scary house, with the spooking music and gravestones on the lawn and I can't wait until Baby K is big enough to appreciate it!

On another totally unrelated note, I'm happy to welcome Bare Organics Inc into the FlowerPot Designs family. They are carrying a selection of my hair clip duos and organic knit plush toys.

Karen at Bare Organics has her own line of natural, organic skin care products and baby clothes. I've actually learned a lot about baby skin care from her, especially in light of Kayla's allergies and eczema and I'm looking forward to testing out her products. Check out her site for more info on this fabulous product! There's some great gift baskets filled with tons of goodness!

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Lara said...

She looks so cute!! I should try Kman in his halloween costume for fun and to see if it fits too :)