Thursday, September 27, 2007

indoor fun

Since the temperature has drastically dropped outside, we've decided to turn our playtime indoors these days. My plan over the coming winter months is to turn our empty living room (still no furniture after over one year of moving in) into one GIANT playroom. I went to a neighbour's house a short while ago and she had done exactly that (mind you she has 3 kids, 2 of which were twins!) It was wall-to-wall fun foam over there!

So in preparation for my own indoor playground, I picked up this neat little playhouse yesterday. It's fantastic! It folds down flat to 12" and is so portable. We filled it with balls and had a little tent party! There's tunnels and other play areas shaped as cars, hot air balloons, and even cheese, and you can connect them with fun crawling tunnels. Oh my! I think I may have had more fun than Kayla during playtime yesterday!

A quick update: shop for FlowerPot Designs at Honeybunch, a magical little shop filled with original and creative treasures for kids - run by local mama of two, Nicole. Thanks for the support, Nicole!

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